Our Etsy store is OPEN

Never Give Up

Thank you.

With your help, I have accomplished my big goal for the year… Launch an Etsy store before the end of 2016.

And here it is… FiredByFrost

Still a work in progress, but I couldn’t be happier.


Sound Check

My first series of bowls posted on Etsy take my colored porcelain studies one step further. To my friends and family, I call the series “Sound Checks” because I am testing my ability to reproduce a specific color palette, while introducing a fun geometric pattern, that adds a certain melody to our dinning experience. This first series was inspired while walking among the fall leaves in Ohio.

The second series of bowls was inspired by “Winter Greens”. Specifically, I was noticing the changes in the deep green colors that I find while backpacking in Wayne National Forest.  The green colors begin to fade with the approaching winter, but they still have a strong inner strength that I find beautiful.

I’m already working on the next series of work, and following my new process for smaller batches… you should see them soon.

Look out 2017.