New Tradition

The gruff man pulled on his beard as he looked up at the clock once more. She was already seventeen minutes late. He tried to smooth his wrinkled shirt, and brushing away the small bits of sawdust, became frustrated remembering all the unfinished projects back in the shop. Leaning back in his chair, it creaked, and he frowned at the poor quality. He took another sip of coffee, and setting down the cup, decided the table at least had potential. The bell on the front door chimed as the woman walked in and looked around. The wind was blowing even harder outside, and it took her a moment to shake the rain off before hanging up her coat. She looked around the room and allowed more than a little disappointment to show as she noticed him. Hesitating for a moment, she made her way over to the table and joined him.
“My you are beautiful,” he said. The comment only seemed to deepen the woman’s expression.
“And you are … just as Carol described you.” She said.
Taking the comment as a compliment, he sat up a little more and smiled. “Well, I think it’s great that our friends brought us together.”
“Yes,” she said. “I guess it’s become a tradition.”