Baby Bird

As the dust settled, a small bird landed next to the baby that had been left at the side of the road. Hours earlier, the child was part of the caravan moving south along the hot desert road. But the family had been betrayed, and the parents were now lying dead in the ditch only meters away. The small bird wasn’t sure how to help, but it desperately wanted too. At first, it had merely tried to calm the child, by singing its sweet morning song. The child listened intently to the melody. But as the day wore on, the sun grew hotter and hotter. So the bird collected leaves and branches to cover the infant, keeping it sheltered from the harshest rays of direct sunlight. As the child again became agitated, the bird flew in tight circles above its head performing a magical areal dance. The baby laughed for hours, but the bird grew tired and understood that they both needed nourishment. So like the bird’s own mother had done, the bird made small excursions into the desert, collecting worms and insects, and chewing them up and placing them into the baby’s mouth, along with small amounts of water. The baby smiled, and for the moment, both the bird and child were happy.