Stamped the Ground

His parents had pushed him to join the war, saying he would be a great role model for his people. Out of respect for his parents, the prince had agreed. But now he understood that had been a mistake. The war had been going on for years, and now all he wanted to do was escape. He had always felt that life was a gift and everything he had seen proved that war was the opposite. Without hesitation, soldiers were ready to extinguish any spark of life.
The prince had joined 18 months ago with four of his best friends. At first, it was a great adventure, but now they were all dead. The truth was, he had never taken a life. In every battle, the prince rode into battle alongside his guardsman, and only on the rarest occasion came into contact with the enemy. The horse shifted under him, as the tension grew around as men strapped on their shields and prepared for one more attack. If done correctly, the prince knew this battle could end the war. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that either way, this would be the last time he rode into battle. Other skirmishes had already started in the distance, and his horse stamped the ground in anticipation. The prince let out a little laugh as he caught sight of a small butterfly on floating beside him.
“Alright men,” he said, “it’s time we go.”