Ready or Not… it’s time

It doesn’t have to be perfect, pretty, or smart.  It just has to be honest.

Who is Jack Frost?

I have always had a deep passion for clay. As a child, our high school had a strong ceramics program and I was fortunate to stumbled upon my talents when I needed it most. As I showed promise, I was allowed to apprentice for a few local potters and quickly learned the basic skills necessary to run a studio. Over time, I refined my work and was later accepted into Columbus College of Art & Design based entirely on a clay portfolio. But running my own studio was not easy. Slow sales at craft fairs and art shows allowed doubt to crept in, and I returned to college looking for a more reliable way to make a living. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University, and later a masters degree in Business Operational Excellence from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. This allowed me to establish a stable living, but the creative spark was still missing.

For many years, clay continued to pull at my heart with the promise of a simpler way of life. Coming full circle, I found myself returning to clay, and love every minute I spend in the studio. It took me many years, but I now appreciate the connection I feel to clay, and see each piece as one step closer to finding my true voice.