Spaceships hit the clay

Space Stamps on Clay

Rounded Outlines

This week I threw a series of small bowls on the potters wheel, about 9 inches in diameter. To be fair, the bowls are low enough that they would probably make wonderful salad plates. So after letting the “bowls” stiffen up, I selected a few of the space stamps and made impressions around the rim creating unique scenes of space.

Like looking at a picture of a polar bear in a snow storm, it is a little hard to see the actual stamps in these photos (you may need to click on the photos to look closer). I use porcelain, which is a white clay body and looks light gray before it is fired in the kiln. But if you look closely you can see my first attempt at using these stamps left large ovals outlining the designs. Not terrible, but not quite the impression I was going for. So before throwing the next series, I went back into the studio and refined the plaster stamps, creating more of an outline that follows the design. After I threw some more bowls, I tried the stamps again. This time the stamps look more dynamic, and I could feel the scene coming together. It is my hope that glazes will flow around the images causing the designs to stand out, but time will tell.